On-site Observation Meeting of New Maize Varieties in Yibin City, Huimin, Hubei Province


In the early morning of August 6, the breeze came slowly, and the red sun smiled, as if to warmly welcome the guests. In front of the "Jiudu" Yibin-Xiading Seed Industry Co., Ltd., a large-scale on-site observation meeting of new corn varieties was held here.

This on-site observation meeting of new corn varieties is another large-scale on-site observation meeting of new corn varieties organized by dealers after the on-site observation meeting held by Hubei Huimin Sichuan Branch in Meishan last month. The conference was hosted by Yibin Xiading Seed Industry and co-organized by Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuan Branch. 120 key distributors from Yibin, Yunnan and other places gathered to share the event.


       With the opening of the Olympic Games, the event also kicked off. At 8:30 a.m., all dealers took a bus from the front of Yibin xianding seed industry to today's first scene-the scene of the new variety Qingqing 009 planted by farmers themselves, half group of Datian village, Dacheng town, pingshan county. When they arrived at the scene, everyone looked at how to plant it on the slope and talked one after another: "Ning always didn't take everyone seriously. This demonstration site is not as good as I did myself!" Hearing this, Liao Xiaohua, a grower on the side, stood up and said: "When I was rushing to the market, I heard the dealer say that this is the latest national trial variety, so I bought a pack and tried it back to see how small the seed particles were. I thought I was fooled. They were all planted on this inconspicuous slope. I didn't expect Qingqing 009 to perform so well from its emergence to now! It seems to be true: although the seed is small, the stick is very big! Next year the corn seed will choose him." We can see that Qingqing 009 species perform so well on slopes with such poor ground conditions. Dealers said in unison: "Qingqing 009 is really a good variety". Dealers at the scene unanimously said Qingqing 009 is worth promoting! Everyone rushed to take photos and nostalgia.

       Later, everyone happily came to the second site-the planting site of Huimin 302 in Daping Group, Liangshan Village, Gaochang Town, Yibin. They saw that Huimin 302 had a very good sealing tip and its fruit ears were yellow and bright. I couldn't help but rush to the ground with excitement. I was very satisfied with the zero-distance observation of the varieties from the height of the plants and the uniformity of the ears! On the spot, I said I would sell it this year! An agent couldn't help holding Qingqing 009 stick in one hand and Huimin 302 stick in the other and shouting, "Qingqing 009, Huimin 302, I speak for you!" Finally, under the call of Mr. Li Daolong, Huimin, Hubei, they shouted in unison: "Huimin 302 is good, everyone replied in unison:" Good!" After the collective photo, reluctantly left the scene of the viewing meeting!

After lunch at Yibin Jinyuan Hotel, everyone will hold the 2016 New Product Promotion Conference in the conference room on the third floor of the hotel! The meeting was presided over by General Manager Ning Xian Ding Ning of Yibin City's first seed industry. First, Mr. Li Daolong of Hubei Huimin introduced the company's products. Later, General Manager Ning exchanged views on the company's development plan and customer cooperation!

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We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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