Quality Inspection Platform

Quality inspection department, directly under the leadership of the general manager.

Main responsibilities: seed production process supervision and product quality inspection.

Work content: quality supervision and management shall be implemented in the whole process of hybrid seed production; All seed quality shall be tested indoors and identified in the field. Quality control shall be carried out for seed purchase, storage and processing out of the warehouse. For seeds with quality disputes, do a good job in field investigation to provide objective and fair basis for the company's correct decision-making.

At present, there are 9 personnel, all of whom have college degree or above, including 1 senior agronomist and 1 master's degree, all of whom have seed quality inspector certificates issued by the provincial agricultural administrative department.

The quality inspection department has three inspection rooms with a total area of 420 square meters. Two conventional inspection rooms are used to detect the clarity, moisture and germination rate of cotton, corn, rice, rape and other seeds. One molecular purity inspection room. Several seed field identification bases.



DNA Molecular Testing Laboratory



Artificial climate germination room

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