R & D investment

The company attaches great importance to the improvement of independent research and development capabilities and the construction of innovative investment mechanisms. Over the years, we have always maintained a high-intensity continuous investment in research and development to ensure the smooth implementation of various scientific research infrastructure construction and various scientific research innovation plans.

First, the company arranges special funds in the annual budget to engage in scientific research and technology development, which is used to ensure the salaries, rewards, benefits of R & D personnel, update scientific research facilities and equipment, new product research and development and market development, or to transfer varieties or patents. Ensure that the annual R & D investment accounts for no less than 5% of sales revenue, and increase year by year. With the expansion of the company's business scale, the investment in scientific research funds continues to increase. Before 2008, the company's annual R & D investment was basically maintained at about 5 million yuan. In the past two years, with the substantial expansion of the company's business, the annual R & D expenditure has also increased significantly. In 2008, the R & D investment reached 6.1949 million yuan, accounting for 5.2 of the total sales; in 2009, the R & D investment reached 6.4012 million yuan, accounting for 5.1 of the total sales. The research and development funds and equipment costs invested in 2010 are about 10 million yuan.

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